Date Nature Bites 5-Pack
Date Nature Bites 5-Pack

Date Nature Bites 5-Pack

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Date Snack Cluster - Individually Wrapped Bar
Date - Cashew - Almond

A delicious cluster of dried fruit and roasted nuts melded together with pure maple syrup. These clusters are packed in a biodegradable and eco-friendly container.

Our Ingredients:

Pure Maple Syrup - Our signature ingredient! We do not use any other form of sweetener in our products. Maple Syrup is known for its Antioxidants, Low Glycemic Index, anti-aging properties, and amazing flavor.

Nuts – One of the best sources of protein and fiber, nuts are packed with all kinds of nutritional value. We use a variety of high quality nuts in our products to include: Almonds, Cashews, and Walnuts.

Dried Fruit – The amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber in dried fruit make it one of the healthiest foods to consume. We have purposefully selected each fruit based on its profound flavor profile to enhance the recipe of the final product.