Sweet Carolina (Spicy) Nature Bites 5-Pack

Sweet Carolina (Spicy) Nature Bites 5-Pack

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Sweet Carolina (Spicy) Nature Bites - 5 Pack of Individual Pouches

Carolina Reaper Pepper - Cashew - Almond 


A delicious cluster of spices, roasted nuts melded together with pure maple syrup. These clusters are packed in an eco-friendly wrapper.

Our Mission, Purpose, and Commitment: 

Magic Maple Foods is a responsible food brand committed to creating high quality clean products using whole foods and all-natural ingredients. Our products are All-Natural, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan Friendly and made in small batches. 

Our Ingredients:

Pure Maple Syrup - Our signature ingredient! We do not use any other form of sweetener in our products. Maple Syrup is known for its Antioxidants, Low Glycemic Index, anti-aging properties, and amazing flavor.

Nuts – One of the best sources of protein and fiber, nuts are packed with all kinds of nutritional value. We use a variety of high quality nuts in our products to include: Almonds, Cashews, and Walnuts. 

Spices - Whether fragrant or spicy, we select the best compliment to our other ingredients and play off their unique flavors. The addition of spice creates a delicious flavor profile and brings it to the next level.